Wednesday, October 29, 2014

About Me:

{I am making some changes in my life and on my blog. With those changes comes a new about me section.}

First and foremost I am a child of the living God, having been given the right to become part of His family (John 1:12). As such I am in a better place than I once was but I have not yet arrived. I am starting a new chapter in my journey, where finding truth outweighs fitting in with organized religion. With each step I find new reasons to be excited about the opportunity I have to get to know the Lord.

I am a husband, enjoying my twenty-third year of marriage to a terrific follower of Christ. Neither of us is the same as when we first met but that's okay. Who we are now makes us each a better companion for the journey ahead as well as for the task of preparing our children for the future.

I am the father of two boys, a responsibility I treasure more each day. There are the usual ups and downs that come with being a part of a family but in the end even the bumpiest of roads can get you to where you want to be.

A graduate of Temple University, my day job is with a company focused on research on the senses of taste and smell. There I serve dual roles as space coordinator and human test participant coordinator. Unofficially I wear many other hats, relied upon to be available for whatever need arises.

Writing is a hobby for which I have a renewed passion, making steps towards turning pro. (For the record I do have one article in print: a short piece on the history of flashlights published in History Magazine.) My other hobbies are traveling, hiking, reading; activities to which I do not devote enough time. I am in the process of getting my motorcycle license. I prefer charcoal over gas. In the future I hope to add kayaking to my list of hobbies.

Where Am I Headed?

The Christian answer is Heaven. I have assurance from the ultimate in reliable sources that I will arrive eventually. What will I encounter along the way? I do not know. I invite you along on my journey as I find out.

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