Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Child of the Living God {repost}

{This was originally posted on Fire and Hammer prior to my restarting the blog.}

Genesis 32:27-28

The name Israel conferred upon Jacob the position of being a prince of God. Jacob received this name during a faith struggle in which he held tight to the truth despite his fears. Because of his faith the Bible declares he had power with God and with men. His reward for his faith was that he could become a child (a prince) of the living God.

Jacob’s adoption into the family of God was a demonstration of what happens to those who believe under the New Covenant. Those who receive God’s chosen messiah are given the power (authority) to become a part of God’s family (John 1:12). The true believer is a prince (or princess) of God, having been converted during a process no less dramatic than Jacob’s wrestling match with what appears to be an angel (Hosea 12:4). What could be called a defeat, leaving Israel with a severe limp, is the sign of a victory which left him a changed man.

Each and every person alive has the opportunity to sit as a member of royalty in the family of God. By faith in Jesus Christ (and only in Jesus) we receive the full gift of salvation according to the will of God. God has declared this and as we see time and time again, the commands of God are always carried out. The Gospel is your invitation to join the family of God. It is the greatest honor and the most important change you can make in your life. But the invitation comes with an RSVP. How have you responded?

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