Monday, February 03, 2014

Did You Remember to Pray for Your Leaders?

Last week while watching President Obama deliver his State of the Union speech I found myself feeling like I was missing out. No I am not jealous of those who sat in the House Chambers on Capitol Hill. What I was missing was an opportunity to obey a biblical command, one which I had followed in the past but have become lazy in doing. Seeing the President, Vice-president, Speaker of the House, and so many other federal officials was a reminder that I, as well as all other Christians, should be praying for our nation’s leaders.

I Timothy 2:1-4

We are called to pray for the people in government no matter their political affiliation. It does not matter if we agree with them or if we think they are good people or not. We are to pray for them, including in our requests calls for their spiritual eyes to be open. God desires all to receive the gift of salvation and we need to see beyond political philosophy. We need to see souls in need of the salvation of our Lord.

I, like many other Christians, was too lazy to follow this command of the Lord. It is time for me to obey. Others allow their political agenda priority over love for their fellow man, especially when the fellow man was elected to office. Whatever the reason it is not an acceptable excuse for ignoring the Bible’s call to pray for our leaders.

So did you remember to pray for your leaders?

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