Monday, March 25, 2013

Are You Comfortable with God Behind the Wheel?

“You’re an idiot…I’m calling the cops!”

That line comes near the end of a soda commercial. It all begins with a famous NASCAR driver putting on a disguise and walking onto a used car lot. What was supposed to be a simple test drive turns into a high speed donut filled automotive nightmare for the salesman holding on for dear life. Not realizing he is a victim of a practical joke he first threatens to call the police. Granted I suspect the whole thing was staged but we are lead to believe the salesman does not recognize the privilege he has of being driven by a professional. In his eyes a madman has just put his life at risk.

There have been times in my spiritual life where I felt like the car salesman from that commercial. Not that I would ever threaten God, but there are times when I am not comfortable with His driving. At times God seems to drive way too fast. At other times He seems as if He is driving too slow and I hate being late. Then there are the times when I wonder if He truly understands the road we are on. Does He truly understand the risks that come along the path He wants to follow?

All too often I have tried to take the wheel. Each time I do the end result is less than it could have been had I let Him drive. In fact there are a number of times when my own driving has lead to disaster. And yet I still find myself wanting God to sit someplace other than the driver’s seat. There is just something about His driving that leaves me filling unsure. God knows I feel like this. He forgives me and patiently works to build my faith in Him.

Truth is He is more than qualified to sit at the controls. He has never had an accident and is guaranteed to get me where I need to be on time. It is blessing to have Him at the wheel. And yet I, like the salesman on that commercial, often do not see the honor of having a ‘professional’ at the controls. How about you? Have you learned to sit comfortably, allowing God to do the driving?

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