Friday, January 04, 2013

Wildcard Weekend 2013

I am a huge sports fan. If there is a competition, I will watch. I watch ‘Olympic’ sports in non Olympic years. Two guys running down the street, assuming no crime was committed, I’m cheering for the underdog. And if football is on, don’t bother me. So I am looking forward to this weekend’s NFL wildcard playoff games.

I cannot say I see a clear favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl. But I will join other arm chair quarterbacks in offering up my analysis of this weekend’s matchups.

Bengals vs. Texans – While the Texans looked like they were running out of steam towards the end of the season I think they have too much defense for the Bengals. In a close game I think the Texans win with their defense coming up with a big 4th quarter stop.

Vikings vs. Packers – Adrian Peterson has had a monster year, carrying the Vikings to the playoffs and to this rematch of their week 17 game. The Packers will have a tough time trying to contain Peterson. However I think this one will come down to the quarterbacks. And while the league has seen great play from a number of young quarterbacks I think it will be Aaron Rodgers who shines this weekend. I expect Rodgers to bring fireworks to the 4th quarter of this game, leading the Pack to the win.

Colts vs. Ravens – Ray Lewis says he will retire after this playoff run. Will this weekend be the last time we see him in a Ravens’ uniform? The answer is no. Both teams will bring a lot of emotion into this game: the Ravens playing for Lewis, the Colts playing for Coach Chuck Pagano. I think the Ravens’ offense will prevail over the Colts’ defense leading the Ravens (and Ray Lewis) into the next round of the playoffs.

Seahawks vs. Redskins – Two young quarterbacks get to put on a show in perhaps the most even matchup of this wildcard round. I think this one will come down to defense. In a shootout I think the Seahawks’ defense will do just enough to bring home the win in the only road victory of the weekend.

As an added bonus we get the BCS game on Monday with Notre Dame taking on Alabama. Full Disclosure: I always cheer against Notre Dame. Monday will be no different. I think in the end Alabama will wear the championship crown.

Those are my picks for the weekend. Who do you think will win?

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