Friday, January 11, 2013

NFL Divisional Playoffs 2013

Last weekend I went 5-0 including the BCS championship game. This week the matchups are a little tougher and I find myself going back of forth on who I think will win.

Ravens vs. Broncos – I think this game will come down to the play of Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco and running backs Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. The Ravens must keep the Broncos offense off of the field by putting together time consuming drives and they cannot settle for field goals at the end of those drives. I think the Ravens offense is up for this challenge. The Ravens win and Ray Lewis has to wait one more week for retirement.

Packers vs. 49ers – The 49ers will need to be able to run the football to pull this one off. However after two games facing Adrian Peterson I think the Packers defense will be ready, forcing the Niners into the passing game. While Colin Kaepernick has been spectacular it’s hard to pick against Aaron Rodgers in a primetime playoff game. The Packers win in a close game making Saturday a big day for the road teams.

Seahawks vs.  Falcons – I want to pick the Seahawks in this one and had you asked earlier in the day I would have. But as I write this I find myself wavering. The Seahawks have been good on the road but with one of their top defensive players I find myself a little unsure. Having already picked two road teams to win also makes me a little squeamish. Still I think the Seahawks defense will come up big. Give this one to the Seahawks.

Texans vs. Patriots – If this were just about defense I would say go with the Texans. However, as far as I know Tom Brady plans to play and Bill Belichick and his staff will be on the sideline. I think the Patriots take control early and hold on winning by a big margin. The Patriots usually find a way when it comes to the post season and will do so again this weekend. Besides I couldn’t pick all road team wins could I?

That’s who I think will win this weekend. What do you think?

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