Monday, January 28, 2013

International Prayer: January 28, 2013

In the past we have prayed for solders, doing so in recognition of the sacrifice they make on our behalf. Unfortunately it is all too easy to forget about the sacrifices made by the families who stand with our solders. Parents and siblings; husbands and wives: there are back at home a number of people who serve their country by sacrificing time with their loved ones for the sake of liberty.

Today I read an article posted at which I will never forget. NBC contributor Bill Briggs tells the stories of some of these family members, their faces shown in the photographs accompanying the article. What do they have in common? Each either attempted suicide or knows a solder’s family where a member attempted suicide.

Last year 349 U.S. solders committed suicide. No one knows how many relatives of solders did the same. Continue in prayer for our solders and remember to pray for their families as they deal with the reality of having a loved one in or recovering from combat.

Pray also for:

Mali – Ten months ago militants took the city of Timbuktu, a part of an offensive against the government of Mali. In response France sent solders to help drive the militants out of the city and to help reestablish their ally. While the French have been successful in helping the government of Mali there is more work to do.

Syria – Violence continues in Syria. Pray for the people, especially the children of Syria who will forever carry the scars of civil war.

U.S.  – There are people who are still trying to repair their homes following super storm Sandy. Living in hotels and in some cases living in tents, they are enduring winter in the northeastern United States without the stability of having a place to call home. Keep them in prayer as they continue to try to rebuild their lives.

Egypt – Two years after the fall of the Egyptian government the nation is facing a new round of deadly protests. The current government, working to maintain control, faces charges of pushing a religious agenda and not defending the rights of all Egyptians. Pray as Egypt continues to wrestle with the course the nation took two years ago.

Families facing adversity and nations trying to overcome division, both need our prayers. Continue to lift those in need before the Lord, making yourself available if He calls for you to respond. Remember your neighbors nearby and those across the seas, each one needing you to lift them up before the Lord.

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