Monday, December 17, 2012

International Prayer: December 17, 2012

In the last few days there have been two events around the world where children were lost. Let us stand with our neighbors and pray for:

Newtown Connecticut in the United States – Pray for the parents and families of the twenty children and six adults who died in last Friday’s school shooting. Pray for the community as the healing process begins and as the children process the events which shattered their day. Pray for the police officers who responded to the scene and for the teachers who served beyond the call of duty to protect their students.

Afghanistan – A landmine explosion resulted in the death of ten girls, leaving another child with serious injuries. According to the landmine was left over from when the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan. The girls had been collecting firewood and were using an ax to split the wood when the mine went off. Pray for the families and pray for the removal of the numerous landmines scattered across the country.

Egypt – Continue to pray for Egypt where the first round of voting on the new constitution is complete. With more voting scheduled later this week the government reports a majority voting in favor of the new laws.

It has been a rough weekend for children. Let us join together in prayer while also taking the time to cherish our families. And when you pray, remember your neighbors both those nearby and those across the seas each one needing you to lift them (and their families) up before the Lord.

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