Friday, October 26, 2012

International Prayer: October 26, 2012

A black eye and a few bruises or scrapes: When I was a child this is what someone came home with if their bike was stolen out from under them. You might be forced to give up your precious ride but you still for the most part came home. This was not the case recently in New Jersey where twelve year old Autumn Pasquale was killed by two teens who wanted her bike for parts.

I cannot begin to imagine the darkness clouding the mind that is willing to take a human life. I know these teens are the exception, not the rule, but still this incident serves as a grim reminder that we must continue in prayer for the youth of the world. We must pray for those whose minds are lost, being tempted by poverty or greed or loneliness or any of the other things which tempt a young heart. We must also pray for the safety of our youth, for protection that others will not become victims. Pray for Autumn’s family as they deal with their loss and as they face the upcoming trial for the ones who took the life of their daughter.

In praying please also remember:

Malala Yousufzai – Usually international prayer requests focus on a country or an area. I want to make an exception here and ask for prayer for Malala Yousufzai, a 15 year old girl shot for speaking in favor of educating women in Pakistan. Pray for her and for her family as she recovers in a hospital in England.

Syrian Refugees – As battles continue in Syria, refugees continue to pour out of the country and into refugee camps in neighboring countries. These are not just adults being forced to flee but also children, some suffering from trauma having witnessed the fighting first hand. Living in a refugee camp can also open people up to a number of medical issues without the necessary resources to deal with these problems. Pray for these refugees asking for the resources needed to support them.

U. S. Meningitis cases – 14,000 people are said to have been put at risk for developing fungal meningitis after receiving injections of tainted medicine in the United States. Twenty-four people have died and 300 have become sick according to a report on Doctors believe they have found a method for treating the infections but the treatment carries its own risks. Pray for those who have become infected.

As we end the work week the east coast of the United States is preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Already several people in the Caribbean have felt Sandy’s wrath. Please pray for those who are in the process of cleaning up in Sandy’s wake as well as for those who are preparing for Sandy’s visit. And when you pray, remember your neighbors both those nearby and those across the seas each one needing you to lift them up before our Lord.