Friday, September 14, 2012

International Prayer: September 14th, 2012

He was headed home after finishing his shift in uniform for the Philadelphia Police Department. After carrying out his duty to serve and protect Moses Walker Jr. was killed by two suspects in an apparent robbery. Police would eventually make two arrests but their investigation appears to have been hindered by a culture of fear. As one man who was interviewed on television stated, people do not talk to police out of fear of being hurt or worse. As he spoke I couldn’t help but think that what he was describing was spiritual bondage and this bondage is not unique to Philly. Because of this kind of bondage I ask that we pray for those who live in our inner cities.

What people fear may change from city to city around the world. Some live with street gangs or with drug cartels. Others live in fear of what their own government might do to them. In some cities the violence is the result of war and in others fear is the result of living with warlords. Poverty rules in many cities, even here in the United States where there are entire sections of our cities were people worry about putting food on the table. Whatever it is in your country that holds cities under the oppression of fear, please join in prayer for people to receive freedom from spiritual bondage.

In your prayers also remember:

The family of Police Officer Moses Walker Jr. as well as the family of Officer Brad Fox, killed while on duty in a Philly suburb.

Somalia – Last Monday the Parliament elected a new president. On his second day in office the new president was the target of a terrorist attack. Continue in prayer for the people of Somalia, a nation which has long been considered unstable.

Congo – An Ebola outbreak in the Congo has claimed 31 lives. Another 38 either have the virus or are suspected of having it according to a report on Pray for an end to the outbreak. Pray for health workers as they try to stem the epidemic. Pray also for the victims of this virus.

Uganda - Please give thanks as the Ebola epidemic in Uganda was recently declared to be over.

Enjoy the blessings of the Lord as you live each day. Don’t let those blessings distract you from fulfilling the command to pray without ceasing. And when you pray, remember your neighbors both those nearby and those across the seas each one needing you to lift them up before our Lord.

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