Monday, July 02, 2012

International Prayer: July 2, 2012

Today we start with a focus on water. In some cases we need to pray for people who do not have enough. In other areas people have too much. Our first prayer country manages to somehow fit in both categories.

India – June is the start of monsoon season in India. Already the northeastern part of country has seen heavy rains, causing the Brahmaputra River to flood. According to several sources at least 79 people have been killed and over 2 million have been displaced. But while the northeast deals with flooding, most of the rest of the country is dealing with drought conditions.

Farmers in India depend on the monsoon rains in preparation for planting season. The nation also depends on the monsoons to replenish their reservoirs. However this year the month of June has not seen as much rain as hoped for. So while the northeast deals with floods most of the rest of the nation is hoping to avoid a water crisis.

Pray for those who are dealing with flooding in India. At the same time pray for the rain the rest of the country needs during the monsoon season.

North Korea and South Korea – The Korean Peninsula is suffering one of its worst droughts in decades. The lack of water is driving up food prices in both nations and South Korea has spent millions to get water where it is needed. Over the weekend the peninsula received some relief in the form of monsoon rains but more is needed. Pray for North Korea and South Korea to receive the needed rain and for the people as they deal with the increase in food costs.

United States – Continue to pray for Colorado and areas of the western part of the country as they deal with a number of wildfires. The fires are being made worse by dry conditions in the area. Fire fighters are doing a great job at containing the fires. Rain would help them gain a complete victory.

At the same time a rain storm in the east caused a lot of damage, not because of water but because of wind. There are still millions on the east coast who are without power three days after storms which stretched from New Jersey to North Carolina. Pray for those who are without power and who are still cleaning up storm damage. Pray for workers on both ends of the country: for those who are trying to restore power in the east and those who are trying to gain an upper hand over the fires in the west.

Water: Too much can be destructive. Not enough can be deadly. In some areas we take it for granted, while others cannot afford to do so. Pray for our neighbors as we all must be conscious of our earth’s water supply. Lift those who are dealing with shortages and with flooding before our God.

Remember, across the seas or across the fence, we find neighbors who are facing hardship. Pray and make yourself available in case God wants to use you to help someone else.

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