Friday, July 13, 2012

A Childlike Confidence in Christ

(Originally posted prior to my hitting the reset button here at Fire & Hammer.)

“Is Jesus always with me?” The answer to this question gave my youngest the courage to complete the task. Knowing the answer do I always respond with the confidence to take on whatever task lie in front of me? Do you?

The toy was in my son’s room but the light was not on. He was scared to go in, even though this was the place where he had slept safely for over five years. He caught me at a time when I was…well…indisposed. Through the door that stood between us I encouraged him to conquer his fear and to get the toy for himself. That is when he asked if Jesus was with him. As any good Christian parent would do, I assured him that Jesus was indeed with him and would go with him into the darkened room. He then asked if Jesus would always be with him. Again I assured him, telling him that Jesus indeed would be with him always. Without further ado my youngest boldly went into his room and, without turning on a single light, found that for which he had been looking.

Knowing that Jesus was with him gave my youngest the courage to complete the task: the confidence to successfully face and conquer his fear. His young mind was not side tracked by the possibilities of what might happen upon entering the room. He no longer focused on the possibility of ghosts or some other unpleasant visitor waiting for him in the dark. All that mattered was the fact that Jesus was with him. From there his faith was shown through his actions. I wish I could say knowing Jesus is with me was always enough.

Far too often I have forgotten the meaning of this simple fact: Jesus is with me. All too often I have become distracted by my own reasoning, stumbling over my fear of what may or may not happen down the road. Where I should move forward with boldness I forget Who it is that guides my footsteps. I forget that the author of the Christian faith is in fact bigger than any problem I may face. In those times when I forget I allow fear to stand strong as I turn in the wrong direction. I miss the mark when I instead should take great comfort in the truth spoken time and again by God to His children, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” A truth my son took to heart.

Jesus spoke of having faith like a child, the faith demonstrated by my son as he entered that dark room. When next I find myself hesitant to follow what God requires I hope to remember my son’s example, reminding myself that Jesus is indeed with me. If you are a Christian I hope you also go forward with a childlike confidence in our Lord, being reminded that Christ is with you.

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