Friday, June 01, 2012

International Prayer: June 1st, 2012

They were on their way home from work. Twelve men were taking a bus from a factory after earning a day’s wages. The government checkpoint was normal. What happened about 300 meters down the road was not. Join as we stand in prayer for:

Syria – The bus carrying the twelve men was hijacked shortly after passing the government checkpoint. They were robbed and shot one by one. These killings come less than a week after the massacre of villagers from the town of Houla. Please continue in prayer for Syria where the violence is getting worse.

Italy – The government has set June 4th as a day of mourning following an earthquake this past Tuesday, the second in less than a month. Please pray for the survivors as they work to rebuild. Pray also for provision of funds and supplies needed for the recovery effort.

Yemen – Imagine an area where 30 percent of the children are suffering from malnutrition. According to The Australian, this is the case in Yemen. Adding to the problem is a series of attacks, aimed at Yemen’s new government. Please pray for a solution to the food crisis in Yemen.

United States – It is not likely a bill banning sex-selection abortions will make it out of Congress. Without comment on the merits of the bill, please pray for those contemplating having an abortion because they are unhappy about the child’s gender.

More than ever our world needs Christians to devote ourselves to prayer. We may not always agree with the actions of our neighbors but we are called to love them anyway. As such we should continue to stand in prayer, lifting our neighbors up in humility and with faith in our God.

Have a nice weekend and remember to pray continually.

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