Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Mission Field: Our Front Yard

My family and I find ourselves in a peculiar position. At least I think it’s peculiar and ask if there are others out there dealing with something similar. Like all Christians we are called to attend church but the church God has chosen for us is about an hour and a half drive from our home. Our church brethren would love for us to move closer. However God has worked our circumstance in such a way as to deepen our roots in our home community. It seems that while we have a home church, distance has given us a unique mission field. Instead of a far away land our mission field sits just beyond our front yard.

At first we rushed out into the front yard ready to establish a new church. I had my plans and my way in which I would work for God’s kingdom in the community. If you have served God for any period of time you can probably guess how those plans turned out. God said no to each one. They were not His plans nor was I doing them in His power. Each fell way short of what He wants to establish. Instead of opening a church God spent the time breaking me of my pride, preparing me for His work. As a result I see a much different path; one God wants my family to take.

If my family were out on the mission field we would most likely look for what the community really needs. I have heard stories of missionary workers teaching English or serving in health clinics. I know Christians who have spent their time on the field rebuilding and repairing houses. By meeting needs they found doors opened for the spreading of the Gospel. In some cases the work resulted in the building of a new church but quite often it does not. These laborers returned knowing that if one person saw God’s glory reflected in the work the effort was well worth their time.

God has me where I am because the people are well worth my time. I may never see a new church built but others will see Christ if my family obeys. There is a lot to do on the mission field that exists just beyond our front yard. We must work knowing it is His plan not ours. I look forward to seeing what God cultivates as we serve Him. How about you? Are you ready to serve God by going into the mission field just beyond your front yard?

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