Friday, May 18, 2012

International Prayer: May 18th, 2012

The theme for this week’s international prayer is politics, as we have a number of countries dealing with governments which seem to have lost the ability (or the will) to solve problems. Let us stand in prayer for:

Greece – Since 2010 the nation has agreed to two bailout packages, each contingent on major cuts in spending. In a May 6th election the people of Greece spoke out against the cuts by changing the complexion of the Greek Parliament. The defeat of the two major parties left parliament with no group able to negotiate a leadership coalition. As a result parliament was dissolved and a caretaker cabinet will guide Greece until the next round of elections on June 17th. At stake is Greece’s financial stability. Pray for direction as the people once again go to the polls in June and for the caretaker cabinet. Pray about the decisions needed to save the country from more civil unrest and financial collapse.

Burma – Just last year the military which lead Burma handed over power to the civilian government. On April 1st a pro-democracy opposition party won parliamentary elections in a landslide. The opposition party, lead by a woman who was once put in prison by the military government, is now tasked with bring reforms to a nation where the constitution still gives the military veto power. Pray for Burma (Myanmar) during this transition. Pray also for a change in the country’s human rights record as in the past the people were at the mercy of the government and of big business.

United States – Both Republicans and Democrats agree on what must be done. Differences on how to pay for it may lead to congress not acting. On July 1st people with federally subsidized student loans will see their interest rates double. The increased costs will rest squarely on the middle class. Of late this kind of partisan squabbling has become the norm in Washington. In this election year pray for government leaders in the United States.

The Bible calls for us to pray for our government leaders, that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 1:1-3). I believe as part of this prayer we should ask that decision makers receive wisdom. Let us do so desiring God’s best for all people, continuing in prayer according to the will of our Lord.

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