Monday, April 09, 2012

Risen from the Grave: The Power of Prayer

Monday is normally international prayer night here at Fire and Hammer. Together we call upon God on behalf of our neighbors, trusting world events into His hands. While it is fun to learn about other cultures and to stand with other people in prayer, the real focus should always remain on the One whom we call Lord.

For Christians Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His death on the cross stands as the point in time when everything changed. Because of sin mankind was separated from God. With His death Jesus paid the penalty due as a result of our sins and the veil that stood between God and man was torn. Now we are able to approach our creator in boldness, enjoying the honor of being the children of God. It was for this reason that Jesus suffered and died, fulfilling the will of the Father whose love for us is manifest in the gift of salvation.

Jesus would remain in the grave for three days. Then in an act which in many ways is hard to understand He rose from the dead, an awesome demonstration of God’s power. The resurrection stands as a physical declaration of Christ’s victory over death, a sign to all of the life available to those who believe in God’s Christ. This is an awesome reminder of how God wants us to live by His power as the empty grave reveals how our Lord did the miraculous on our behalf.

As He raised Christ from the dead God once again proved Himself worthy of our praise. It is in this spirit of worship that we approach God in prayer. In each international prayer post we should ask not for our will but for His will to be done, knowing that the power demonstrated during the resurrection is the same power by which our God will continue to manifest His glory. Prayer is our opportunity to take part as God’s will unfolds in the lives of every person in every nation on earth. It is this opportunity to see God in action that makes prayer an adventure.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and check back next week as we stand with all of our neighbors in prayer, joining with God in the adventure of building His Kingdom.

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