Friday, March 02, 2012

Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Great Commission

I recently read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Perhaps this is not the first book that comes to mind for Black History Month reading. To be honest it was just a coincidence that this book came up on my reading list during the month of February. I read it because of a comment someone made, reminding me of how the character ends up being the book’s hero. But before he gives his life to protect other slaves he sacrifices a chance at freedom in order to do what he thought right, placing great value on human life and on saving souls. It is this choice which led to the name Uncle Tom being on par with Benedict Arnold. (Of course, if you are British, Arnold might be considered a hero). After reading of this character’s sacrifice I found myself wondering what, as a Christian, I am willing to sacrifice in order to save a soul.

Am I willing to sacrifice all to save a soul? Are you?

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