Monday, March 19, 2012

International Prayer: March 19th, 2012

To be effective in prayer we sometimes have to do a little work. We have to be engaged in our communities and in the lives of our neighbors in order to lift them up before the Lord. This allows us to lift up specific prayer requests as opposed to a generic sort of, “I pray for this person and please bless this person.” By getting out and being engaged in our community Christians are able to learn about real needs, those which we will never learn about if our walk is limited to a weekly hour or two on the pews.

In the past week or two I have heard from families whose children are in need of prayer, children dealing with major medical issues who need the support of praying Christians. Their families need believers to actively stand with them as well. So I want to do something a little different with today’s international prayer post. Today I call upon Christians around the world to set aside time for the families in our neighborhoods. Take time to get to know the parents and to find out what they are dealing with in trying to raise their children. Are there children with medical needs in your area? Perhaps there are special needs children nearby. What about the single parent down the street? Learn of the needs of the children in your neighborhood and spend time in prayer, lifting up their specific situations. As God moves on your heart act, become the light God has called you to become.

In praying for children let us remember the families whose lives were altered by the tragic shooting at a school in France. Three children were killed this morning along with a Rabbi when a man jumped off of a moped and opened fire. A teenager was among several others who were seriously injured. Pray for the children and families of this school community as they recover from this tragedy.

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