Friday, March 09, 2012

Being Daddy and Kids Say…

Remember the old television show “Kids Say the Darndest Things”? I suspect if you ask any parent they will tell you they live that show almost daily. I know I do. Often the things said by my kids give me my best laugh of the day, reminding me not to take myself too seriously. I might also add that being kept on my toes by what might come out of a child’s mouth is one of those things that make life fun.

Last weekend my family went to the Greater Philadelphia RV show. This was our first time attending, going out of curiosity about what is available. It was also an opportunity to dream about a future involving more travel opportunities. None of us knew what to expect, least of all my youngest who asked prior to the show, “What’s an RV?”

As a dad I have often fallen into the habit of giving the shortest possible answer. In this case I responded by telling my son that an RV was a camper. His response: “You mean someone who sleeps outside on the ground in a sleeping bag?” I guess it would be a bit odd for us to go watch people ‘camp.’ After confirming that indeed this is type of camper, I explained how this was not the type of camper I was talking about. Yet it seems my second explanation still did not do the topic justice, being much too complicated for even an adult to understand.

After the show my youngest informed me that a RV was in fact like a rolling hotel. His was a much better explanation as the modern RV is much different from what I experienced when I was a child. The RV show, which my family enjoyed, was both a glimpse into what I hope is our future and an opportunity to learn how children often have better (less complicated) definitions than do their parents.

Yes kids do say the darndest things and that’s just one more reason being a dad is well worth my time.

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