Monday, February 06, 2012

International Prayer: February 6, 2012

God calls us to reflect His glory into our world. For some this call leads to ministry in far away lands as missionaries and teachers. Others stay at home, living the Gospel in the presence of family and neighbors while demonstrating the love of Christ. None of us are limited to our local surroundings. Each child of God can have an impact that goes well beyond our borders. By lifting others up in the power of prayer we align ourselves with God whose heart is always open to our neighbors overseas. With that in mind let us join in praying for:

Philippines – A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck the Philippines today. Fifteen people are reported dead. An unconfirmed report puts the number much higher. Twenty-nine people are said to be missing. Pray for the nation as it recovers and as they deal with the problem of looters.

Nigeria – Over two weeks ago a Chevron run natural gas drilling platform caught fire and is still burning. Now people are seeing dead fish in a nearby river delta. People who depend on the water in the delta are starting to show serious health problems. Pray for the people in this area as they deal with the results of this environmental disaster.

Europe – Severe cold weather is taking its toll on Europe. reports 33 people have died today, adding to a death toll measuring in the hundreds. The conditions caused a dam to break in Bulgaria, flooding an entire village. Other dams are thought to be in danger of overflowing. There are cities in Bosnia which are cut off, relying on helicopters from other areas to drop supplies. Pray for supply lines to remain open as the people of Europe endure this cold snap.

Syria – Violence continued as the government clashes with rebels. Please continue to pray for the situation in Syria.

Thank you for standing in prayer, as we lift up our neighbors around our world. Remember, our most important request is for doors to open for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for servants ready to take the truth to all regions.


Corey Peters said...

My name is Corey Peters. I am a teacher in Cedar Falls, Ia. I lead a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group. I also go with a group of guys into tough neighborhoods in Waterloo, Ia to pray for people door-to-door. I have been writing a Blog to tell people of all the wonderful testimonies of God's Grace. Check it out if you get a chance.

Dennis said...

Nice to meet you Corey. I long ago lived in Cedar Rapids IA.

Dennis said...

Joanne: Sorry your comment got caught in the spam filter.