Thursday, February 09, 2012

Federal Court Rejects Prop 8. Are Christians Ready for the Next Chapter?

On Tuesday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals made news by striking down California’s Proposition 8, a law banning gay marriage. For now the ruling only applies to the west coast where the Ninth Circuit has jurisdiction. Its narrow in focus may only apply to circumstances in California. That being said I believe that while limited in scope the ruling gives insight to what we likely will see in the not too distant future. Are Christians ready for that future?

With the legal and political maneuvers being used by the Gay Rights Movement I believe we will eventually see a day where gay marriage is recognized across the United States. How should Christians respond when we find ourselves having to minister to people who live a new definition of marriage? Are we prepared to continue with outreach in a world where the neighbor we are called to love has married someone of the same gender? Are we willing to continue our mission to “preach the Gospel” even as our culture heads in a direction with which we disagree? As much as the court’s ruling challenge our beliefs about marriage, the cultural shift is a challenge to our convictions about reaching others for Christ.

We need to assure those who are pushing for gay marriage that we will continue to be here for them no matter the outcome in this cultural battle. As people discover how government granted ‘rights’ cannot bring true fulfillment, we must invite them to look to us for real answers. To do this we must trust in the power of the Gospel and in God’s ability to touch the heart even when culture pulls that heart in a different direction. We must be ready to love and to testify of the power of God, seeing others as He sees them; as people whom He loves.

Are you ready to face a culture where gay marriage is legal?

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