Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Should it Look Like?

I was ready to jump in, making my list of goals and plans for what I would do. A brainstorming session provided a number of topics, stoking my excitement over the prospect of time spent in research. It seemed like the task would be easy, a simple matter of turning my love of history into a website. Yet there is one big stumbling point. What should it look like?

I wonder if other writers face this obstacle, having an idea of what they want to do but no idea of how the final product will look. Is it easier for a novelist? After all they know ahead of time if the book will be a comedy or a drama. The novelist works page by page until the pages become chapters. Those chapters come together to form the story. Design some eye catching cover art. Add in a title that pops and the final form sort of takes care of itself.

It all sounds so easy, a cover and some pages. Yet writing is anything but easy. The art of putting words to a page in a way that entertains and/or informs is quite a challenge. Like other artist, the writer does not always know for sure what the end product will look like. This is where I find myself as I plan a new website and as I reshape Fire & Hammer, wishing I could read the final chapter to see how it all turns out.

Right now all I have are a list of topics and the beginnings of a couple of history themed posts. Included on those lists are topics I hope to develop into books. I do not know how things will look in the long run but right now I am having fun. My research is allowing me to meet new historical figures and granting me better understanding of the lives of some I thought I knew. At the same time my preparation for posts and writings concerning the Christian faith are challenging me, helping me better understand the path I walk daily.

What should it look like? Like a parent waiting for the birth of a child I suppose the writer and the artist will not know until the end. I hope you will join me as I move forward, unfolding what promises to be an exciting journey. I also hope to hear from others as they travel their own creative journeys. What challenges and victories have you uncovered as you draw closer to finding out what your project will finally look like?

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