Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shaping Our View of Abortion (Repost)

{Repost – Originally posted in 2008 on Fire & Hammer, prior to hitting the reset button on my blog. This version has been edited from the original.}
Genesis 25:22-23

For decades the issue of abortion has divided our country politically and socially. The weight of abortion has even divided the church, joining with other issues to cause those who profess Christ to question each other. This is a problem when we consider what our Lord says about a house divided. Abortion is an issue where the church should speak in one united voice, yet we do not because quite often our view of abortion is shaped by emotion and not by God’s Bible. It is time we return to the Word of God, recognizing it as the Lord’s tool for shaping our view of abortion.

In the Bible we see the story of Rebekah and the birth of her twins. The two children began fighting while still in Rebekah’s womb. Their struggle caused so much discomfort that Rebekah called upon the Lord to find out why such a great blessing was accompanied by such trouble. In his response the Lord spoke of two nations. In the eyes of God Rebekah carried much more than two children. She carried the blessings of the promise of Abraham, the guarantee of offspring too numerous to count. In the eyes of God Rebekah carried a great future, including the Messiah.

Clearly the Lord God saw more than two fetuses living in Rebekah’s womb and we have the blessed opportunity to join in as Rebekah sees her children through God’s eyes before they were born. As we read this we must ask if this is an exception or does God see in every fetus a human life with great God given potential. The true follower of Christ must consider how God sees every unborn baby. Our view of abortion must begin by seeing through the eyes of God as he looks upon every child as it is conceived.

The abortion issue is a clash of world views. As followers of Jesus we need to seek God’s view. God speaks of a human with a future living in the womb of a woman. What should this tell us about abortion?

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