Monday, January 16, 2012

The Reset Button

I did it this weekend. I hit the reset button here on Fire & Hammer. Every post prior to January of this year erased, leaving me with a new beginning. After years of trying different styles and of wandering this way and that, I have restarted.

Why did I hit reset? It was time. After six years I am a different person. My views on some subjects have changed. My idea of how Fire & Hammer fits into my life has also changed. Originally I had planned to use the blog to combine writing about my interests with commentary on the news items of the day. I lacked focus, not being real sure of who I was as a writer or as a person. In the past couple of years I have discovered some interesting details about myself and I have uncovered truths which have changed my perspective on my world.

When I started Fire and Hammer I only had one child and one very old dog. Since then I have gained a son and lost a pet. I have seen my faith in the Religious Right shaken. I was forced to deal with questions I had about the public face of what is called “conservative Christianity.” My relationship with God has matured and as I see the world in the light of the truth my views on many issues have either changed or become more refined. It is time my blog changes to reflect who I have become while revealing the clarity I have gained by confronting my own doubts.

2012 is a new chapter in my life, a new leg in my life’s journey. Hitting reset allows Fire & Hammer to continue as a part of that journey. The future promises a lot of fun. I hope you will continue to join with me along the way.

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