Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Re-post: Hey Dad, You Can Take Off Your Cape

{Originally posted 3/5/2010}

I remember a line from the first Star Trek television series which seems to sum up the condition of being a dad. (Die hard trekkies please forgive me for not remembering the exact episode.) In this particular scene Bones is discussing the captain with another member of the crew. He points out that each member of the crew has his/her own problems to deal with but the captain has his own plus those of every crew member to deal with. Sometimes as a dad I carry the problems of the entire family and I have heard other men say the same. This comes with the territory of being the head of the family.

It is natural for a husband and/or a father to feel an added sense of pressure when it comes to fulfilling our God given role as head of the family. That is not to say that a wife and/or mother does not feel pressure, but I believe because of nature women have a better way of handling their pressures than do men. Women build relationships with others and are, in most cases, able to talk to a trusted girlfriend. This natural outlet allows them to blow off steam instead of letting things build up inside. By nature we men don’t tend to do that, at times letting the pressure build up until we can no longer contain and wind up doing something we regret as we are eaten alive from the inside.

Am I saying we men should become like our wives? No, that would go against our nature. But we have to recognize that even Superman needs some time where he takes off his cape, puts on a pair of glasses, and takes a break from the pressures of saving the world. Dads need that Clark Kent time where we temporarily get away from the expectations. We need that time for a hobby or for reading or for some other distraction where we can recharge and perhaps even vegetate for a few moments. It may even be something that is done with a group such as taking in a ballgame or fishing. The key is to recognize this need and to deliberately set aside time, with an explanation to our spouses that we are not being slothful but are instead making ourselves better.

Something to Ponder: Even Jesus took time to be alone in prayer. Husbands and fathers when is the last time you took time to recharge?

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