Friday, January 06, 2012

International Prayer: January 6, 2012

Six days into a new year. Still we have conflict and strife. We still have neighbors dealing with problems, facing trials that are in some cases life threatening. They still need us to stand with them in prayer, so let us pray for:

South Sudan – Earlier today the United Nations announced it will work on an emergency basis to send humanitarian aid into South Sudan. The world’s newest nation is suffering from internal conflict with tribal violence driving thousands out of their homes. According to an AP report posted at the U. N. estimates 50,000 people are in need of aid. The violence has left thousands dead. Pray for South Sudan as it suffers the growing pains associated with becoming an independent nation. Pray for those in need of aid and for the workers who will take on the task of delivering that aid.

Libya – Earlier this week rival groups attacked each other in the city of Tripoli. Tensions between rival militias have become a concern for Libya’s transitional government. According to the government is concerned the nation faces the possibility of a civil war. Pray for the people Libya and for efforts to rebuild and form a new government.

London – Pray for the people of London after they dealt with a major storm this week. Winds were said to have reached 111 mph during the height of the storm.

Nigeria – Violence against Christians continued Thursday, the BBC reporting 17 deaths in Mubi. A report on said that Christians were told to leave a northern region of the country following bombings and attacks during the holiday season.

Iraq – An editorial in describes how a number of Iraqis who risked their lives by helping the United States are now stuck waiting for travel visas that will allow them to come to the states. The U. S. government promised to protect these people as they served in various capacities such as translators. Now they need help to leave Iraq for their own safety but are facing delays.

Continue in prayer for people around the world. They are our neighbors and as Christians I believe we are called to stand with each one in prayer.

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